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The Science Behind Provata

Why we work for all lifestyles and lifestages

Why We Work

A Total Health Solution

Built for all lifestyles and lifestages.

Instead of taking on the high cost of administering separate programs targeting chronic disease, weight management, stress, and safety, unite your workforce with a total health solution proven to create healthier minds, healthier bodies, and a healthier workplace.

Our unique approach is the culmination of more than two decades of clinical trials tested and verified on diverse populations from active to sedentary lifestyles. This includes employees managing chronic disease to athletes, young workers to the executive suite, and adolescents to retirees.

Our Proprietary Curriculum

Giving goals, challenges, and engagement a purpose.

Backed by the National Institutes of Health and developed by internationally-acclaimed physicians leading the field of health promotion, our proprietary curriculum is proven to impact behaviors, improve employee health, and deliver durable results that matter.

The Positive Power Of Peer Influence

Better results than coaches or counselors.

We are influenced by the people we work with. On average, nearly half of our waking hours on weekdays are spent with our colleagues.

Healthy Team Healthy U harnesses the unique benefits of peer influence to achieve extraordinary results. Team members are accountable not just to themselves individually, but to one another.

Our groundbreaking model is scientifically proven to achieve better health outcomes at a fraction of the cost of programs that rely on coaching or counseling.

Learn. Identify. Act.

All the ingredients for lasting results.

Most wellness programs in the market today focus only on challenges: Walk 10,000 steps a day, eat more fruits and vegetables, cut back on sugar, etc. That’s not a recipe for influencing behavior.

Through rigorous clinical trials, Provata physicians created an innovative platform structured around the three key components that lead to sustained behavior change. Our “Learn, Identify, Act”™ approach connects what you’re doing to why you’re doing it so participants don’t revert to unhealthy behaviors.

Learn. Identify. Act.

You didn’t really think we’d give it all away?

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