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What You'll Get

We deliver all the essential tools for sustained behavior change.

We Set You Up For Success

Customize our platform for full integration with your workplace.

We provide every organization with a single sign on portal that is customized to integrate the look and feel of your organization.

Want to offer incentives aligned with your organizations goals? Our platform is designed to let you integrate rewards and other wellness incentives directly into our platform. But more importantly, HTHU is clinically proven and rigorously tested to deliver meaningful health outcomes that go far beyond the traditional wellness incentive platform.

Getting Started Is Simple

Join a Team. Start a Team.

Our best in class digital platform is scientifically built for viral impact, providing your organization a scalable solution that is administratively simple and employee effective.

Our total health solution integrates tiers of social networking functionality and peer support to maximize outcomes and engagement. By combining face-to-face collaboration with online social engagement, our platform delivers an immersive social experience that boosts morale, increases worker cohesion, and fosters team-building.

Team of one? That works too! Our digital platform gives individuals the peer support they need to make positive changes to their health.

Your Wellness Hub

Cultivate a culture of health like never before.

Team meetings combined with advanced activity tracking, interactive games, healthy goals, team challenges, and private social feeds inspire unprecedented peer support and positive shifts in culture.

Dedicated community walls for each location, office, or department serve as your local wellness headquarters. The platform is designed to promote communications and employee interaction about all of your organization’s wellness initiatives and events.

Real-Time Analytics

Witness behavior change in real-time.

Participants can monitor and compare personal, team, and organization-wide progress in real time. Administrators have access to comprehensive data and analytic reports on the progress of their communities, and participants. Our Health Behavior Assessment allows you to monitor pre & post health outcomes.